The Vanishing Present: Wisconsin's Changing Lands, Waters, and Wildlife

The Vanishing Present: Wisconsin's Changing Lands, Waters, and Wildlife

Donald M. Waller and Thomas P. Rooney

Print publication date: 2013

ISBN: 9780226871714

Publisher: University of Chicago Press


Straddling temperate forests and grassland biomes and stretching along the coastline of two Great Lakes, Wisconsin contains tallgrass prairie and oak savanna, broadleaf and coniferous forests, wetlands, natural lakes, and rivers. But, like the rest of the world, the Badger State has been transformed by urbanization and sprawl, population growth, and land-use change. For decades, industry and environment have attempted to coexist in Wisconsin—and the dynamic tensions between economic progress and environmental protection make the state a fascinating microcosm for studying global environmental change. This book brings together scientists, naturalists, and policy experts to examine how human pressures on Wisconsin's changing lands, waters, and wildlife have redefined the state's ecology. Though the chapters here focus on just one state, the text draws conclusions about changes in temperate habitats that can be applied elsewhere, and offer insights into the future of the ecology, conservation, and sustainability of Wisconsin and beyond.

Table of Contents

1 Assembling the Puzzle

Donald M. Waller and Thomas P. Rooney

5 Broad-Scale Change in the Northern Forests: From Past to Present

David J. Mladenoff, Lisa A. Schulte, and Janine Bolliger

6 Plant Species Diversity in the Once and Future Northwoods

Thomas P. Rooney and Donald M. Waller

11 How Have Wisconsin's Lichen Communities Changed?

Susan Will-Wolf and Matthew P. Nelsen

14 Change in Wisconsin's Coastal Wetlands

Jim Meeker and Gary Fewless

17 Changes in the Wisconsin River and its Floodplain

Monica G. Turner, Emily H. Stanley, Matthias Bürgi, and David J. Mladenoff

18 Changes in Mammalian Carnivore Populations

Adrian P. Wydeven and Charles M. Pils

22 Wisconsin's Changing Bird Communities

Stanley A. Temple and John R. Cary

25 Urbanization and Ecological Change in Milwaukee County

Lawrence A. Leitner, John H. Idzikowski, and Gary S. Casper

29 Forecasting Species Invasions in Wisconsin Lakes and Streams

M. Jake Vander Zanden and Jeff T. Maxted

31 The Potential Futures of Wisconsin's Forested Landscapes

Robert M. Scheller and David J. Mladenoff


32 The Big Picture

Donald M. Waller