Georg ForsterVoyager, Naturalist, Revolutionary

Georg ForsterVoyager, Naturalist, Revolutionary

Jurgen Goldstein

Print publication date: 2019

ISBN: 9780226467351

Publisher: University of Chicago Press


Scarcely anyone was as involved in both the natural and the political concerns of the eighteenth century as Georg Forster (1754–94), one of the most dynamic figures of the Enlightenment. In Forster, the two most significant coordinates of his time converged: He gained an inestimably rich experience of nature on his voyage around the world with James Cook. And he was at the center of political events when, inspired by the French Revolution, he declared the “Mainz Republic” in 1793. Indeed, “nature” and “revolution” intersect spectacularly in the thoughts and deeds of this brilliant writer, naturalist, explorer, translator, illustrator, and key revolutionary.