Large Carnivore ConservationIntegrating Science and Policy in the North American West

Large Carnivore ConservationIntegrating Science and Policy in the North American West

Susan G. Clark and Murray B. Rutherford

Print publication date: 2014

ISBN: 9780226107400

Publisher: University of Chicago Press


This book examines the problem of living sustainably with large carnivores (wolves, grizzly bears and mountain lions). The book includes case studies of practical experiences with large carnivore conservation in settings ranging from Arizona through Greater Yellowstone to Yukon, featuring several highly innovative and successful local initiatives. We use the interdisciplinary tools of the policy sciences to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of governance in each case and make practical recommendations for improvement. We draw lessons from the cases about how to reform governance and conservation so that people and large carnivores can survive on the landscape together for the long term. The case studies are followed by chapters that identify common themes, synthesize lessons, and analyze the problems of large carnivore conservation from a broader perspective.

Table of Contents

1 Large Carnivores, People, and Governance

Susan G. Clark, Murray B. Rutherford, and David J. Mattson

3 Wolves in Wyoming

Rebecca Watters, Avery C. Anderson, and Susan G. Clark

4 Science-Based Grizzly Bear Conservation in a Co-Management Environment

Douglas Clark, Linaya Workman, and D. Scott Slocombe

5 Wolf Management on Ranchlands in Southwestern Alberta

William M. Pym, Murray B. Rutherford, and Michael L. Gibeau

6 Human–Grizzly Bear Coexistence in the Blackfoot River Watershed, Montana

Seth M. Wilson, Gregory A. Neudecker, and James J. Jonkel

7 Collaborative Grizzly Bear Management in Banff National Park

J. Daniel Oppenheimer and Lauren Richie

8 Large Carnivore Conservation

Susan G. Clark, David N. Cherney, and Douglas Clark

9 The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation

Susan G. Clark and Christina Milloy

11 Improving Governance for People and Large Carnivores

Murray B. Rutherford and Susan G. Clark

End Matter