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Letter from the Director

February 21, 2013

Authored by: Garrett Kiely, Director - University of Chicago Press

Along with everyone at the University of Chicago Press, I am very pleased to have launched Chicago Scholarship Online and, with it, a new collaboration between Chicago and Oxford University Press. Our two institutions have been working together since August 2012 to get files in order, refine metadata, and promote this exciting venture.  We are delighted that our efforts have been fruitful, and we can now deliver Chicago titles to scholars and researchers around the world through the University Press Scholarship Online (UPSO) platform. 

The University of Chicago Press has a long tradition of publishing rigorous and creative scholarship. Founded in 1891 as part of the University of Chicago’s original charter, the University of Chicago Press is the largest American university press, publishing approximately 290 books and 50 journals a year in both electronic and print format. Throughout its history the Press has published innovative and distinctive work that ranges from books by Nobel Prize winners to those by top scholars in their fields to the research of thinkers just beginning to build their reputations.

Chicago’s monograph programme is widely known for its embrace of interdisciplinarity. It is at the crossing of disciplines that much of today’s most vibrant work in the academy originates. Because Chicago books favour this kind of scholarship, their usefulness and importance radiate more widely than many more conventional research monographs. Furthermore, Chicago emphasizes bold works of interpretation and analysis - books that identify emerging problems and themes, challenge established methods, and push disciplines in new directions. Our list reflects in large part the University of Chicago’s traditions, from Chicago School sociology and Chicago-style economics to the Dewey-influenced heritage of our education list and the experimental tradition of our humanities programme.

Chicago’s editors are noted for working closely with authors to develop books through multiple rounds of peer review, resulting in an award-winning list of titles. Senior scholars predominate among our authors, and we publish relatively few revised dissertations. We join UPSO at an exciting time in the history of the Press, with anticipated monograph expansion in several disciplines, including economics, education, history, law, life and environmental sciences, linguistics, and music.

Beginning in February 2013, UPSO will deliver Chicago’s interdisciplinary, leading-edge content through Chicago Scholarship Online to the global library and research community. Because the reading and library landscape has changed so dramatically in the past decade, Chicago is always looking for new ways to have our books available in the places and platforms where scholars want to use them. We have been impressed with the professionalism of the team at OUP, and we believe this partnership will greatly extend the reach of Chicago e-book monographs. We are confident that our collaborative effort and participation in OUP’s much-lauded initiative will support our core mission to make the work of Chicago authors as visible and widely available as possible.

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