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Supply and Effects of Specialty Crop Insurance

Supply and Effects of Specialty Crop Insurance

(p.113) 4 Supply and Effects of Specialty Crop Insurance
The Intended and Unintended Effects of U.S. Agricultural and Biotechnology Policies
Ethan Ligon
University of Chicago Press

This chapter gathers evidence on the process by which crop insurance programs are created and uses this evidence to estimate the supply of crop insurance programs across counties, crops, and years. An administrative rule that gives priority to crops with the highest ranking value has considerable predictive power, though crop- and county-specific variables also play an important role. The estimates regarding the effects of crop insurance on the supply of and demand for insured crops indicate that effects differ for tree and non tree crops, perhaps as a consequence of the much larger investments at risk in crops of the former type.

Keywords:   Federal Crop Insurance Corporation, specialty crops, crop insurance policies, Federal Agriculture Improvement and Reform Act

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