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Conservation, Animal Rights, and Human Welfare

Conservation, Animal Rights, and Human Welfare

A Pragmatic View of the “Bushmeat Crisi”

(p.77) 5 Conservation, Animal Rights, and Human Welfare
Ignoring Nature No More
Ben A. Minteer
University of Chicago Press

This chapter examines the “bushmeat crisis.” It argues that a feasible, effective, and ethically inclusive policy response to the crisis requires balancing diverse values, interests, and stakeholders in workable, multilevel partnerships that can reduce human impact on wildlife species and tropical forest systems while improving the food security and livelihood prospects of poor rural people. It also requires specific policy agendas and management regimes that demonstrate great context sensitivity given the cultural and institutional variability across bushmeat areas, the different degrees of biological vulnerability of wildlife populations, and varying levels of productivity and options for achieving sustainable harvest rates within particular ecosystems.

Keywords:   bushmeat, wild animals, animal protection, animal conservation

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