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Is Green Religion an Oxymoron?

Is Green Religion an Oxymoron?

Biocultural Evolution and Earthly Spirituality

(p.353) 25 Is Green Religion an Oxymoron?
Ignoring Nature No More
Bron Taylor
University of Chicago Press

This chapter first discusses how the greatest environmental thinkers in the Western world have criticized the dominant religions of their day, viewing them as promoting beliefs and priorities that lead inexorably to nature's destruction. It then turns to the sensory and sensual spiritualities of these environmental thinkers, which reflect an approach that is the opposite of ignoring nature, for they all depended on the close observation of it. It also argues that we can learn from the ecological wisdom that is often embedded in traditional cultures, which arose and maintained themselves as the result of long observation and experimentation within environmental systems. Both traditional ecological learning and modern scientific methods demonstrate that the flourishing of all species depends on the well-being of the entire environmental systems that all life forms are embedded in and partially constitute.

Keywords:   religion, environmental thinkers, nature, conservation, traditional cultures, modern science

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