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A Triangular Playing Field

A Triangular Playing Field

The Social, Economic, and Ethical Context of Conserving India's Natural Heritage

(p.331) 23 A Triangular Playing Field
Ignoring Nature No More
Vivek Menon
University of Chicago Press

This chapter considers India's success in protecting wildlife despite rampant poverty. Its success can be attributed to a triangular playing field in which social, economic, and ethical factors figure into the equation of conserving nature. India has a strong historical component for the preservation of nature based on the principles of ahimsa and the spiritual, ethical, and moral code of dharma. Thus, protected areas for wildlife had increased to 5 percent of the country's surface area by the year 2000, a tribute to the strong yet visionary policies and laws of the land.

Keywords:   nature conservation, poverty, ahimsa, dharma, wildlife protection, environmental policy

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