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Compassionate Conservation

Compassionate Conservation

A Paradigm Shift for Wildlife Management in Australasia

(p.295) 21 Compassionate Conservation
Ignoring Nature No More
Daniel RampDror Ben-AmiKeely BoomDavid B. Croft
University of Chicago Press

This chapter presents case studies of wildlife management in Australasia to explore the goals of animal welfare science and animal conservation science with respect to wild and free-living animals. It highlights the trend in Australasia (as embodied by the Australasian Wildlife Management Society) to treat symptoms (invasive or presumed overabundant species) rather than examining causes (habitat change, loss of connectivity), restricting avenues of decision making that lead to nonlethal solutions. Lack of consideration for individual well-being is rife from pest management to environmental restoration projects. The chapter emphasizes the need for a paradigm shift by presenting examples of wildlife management of macropodid marsupials to tease out the implications of adopting individual well-being in conservation and management. It also provides guidelines for policy/paradigm shifts necessary to bring about compassionate conservation in Australasia and sets out future objectives.

Keywords:   wildlife conservation, animal welfare science, conservation science, pest management, environmental restoration, Australasian Wildlife Management Society, macropodid marsupials

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