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Przewalski's Horses and Red Wolves

Przewalski's Horses and Red Wolves

Importance of Behavioral Research for Species Brought Back from the Brink of Extinction

(p.153) 11 Przewalski's Horses and Red Wolves
Ignoring Nature No More
Sarah R. B. King
University of Chicago Press

This chapter discusses reintroduction projects involving Przewalski horses and red wolves. It argues that despite the many differences between Przewalski horses and the red wolf and their reintroductions, there are also many similarities: both were reintroduced from populations that had been captive for several generations owing to their extinction in the wild; and both reintroduction projects need to address problems of hybridization, inbreeding, and conflicts over land use. Knowledge of the animals' behavior will help managers mitigate these problems and can potentially aid persistence in the wild of current populations.

Keywords:   species restoration, mammal reintroduction, Przewalski horses, red wolves, conservation management

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