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Contesting Wagner

Contesting Wagner

How One Becomes What One Is

(p.151) Chapter Five Contesting Wagner
Contesting Nietzsche
Christa Davis Acampora
University of Chicago Press

This chapter explores a more elaborate account of the organization of forces linked with Nietzsche’s alternative soul hypothesis. How such organizations come about and are maintained bears on contemporary debates about his conception of freedom. The author argues that Nietzsche considers the agon to be immensely productive for organizing both cultures and individuals and for mediating the relations between individuals and the broader society. However, these ideas and some conclusions that will be drawn from them are in tension with certain other concerns that seem especially important to Nietzsche and his readers. This is particularly evident in his account of himself, his own becoming, in which he highlights both his “practice of war” and what he presents as a complete lack of struggle.

Keywords:   alternative soul, freedom, agon, war, struggle

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