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Contesting Socrates

Contesting Socrates

Nietzsche’s (Artful) Naturalism

(p.77) Chapter Three Contesting Socrates
Contesting Nietzsche
Christa Davis Acampora
University of Chicago Press

This chapter describes a conception of philosophy referred to as artful naturalism. Nietzsche regards such a practice as superior to its rivals—including materialism and idealism—in at least two respects, namely, the likelihood that it facilitates a more adequate understanding of the world and the viability and potential vitality of the value schemes it can support. He believes a naturalistic orientation of this sort is superior because it is more likely to result in knowledge and because it supports the affirmation of life. The author proposes a third way in which Nietzsche’s naturalism might be considered superior: it explicitly adopts a noble perspective, in other words, its view of the world and human life is informed by noble values.

Keywords:   human life, artful naturalism, materialism, idealism, affirmation, noble perspective, noble values

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