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(p.1) Introduction
Contesting Nietzsche
Christa Davis Acampora
University of Chicago Press

This book aims to show that all or most past scholarship has been wrong or wrongheaded when it comes to the thoughts of Nietzsche. It discusses in detail Nietzsche’s conception of agency and the nature and extent of his naturalism. It then builds upon many of the fine studies that precede it and jumps into debates that are among the liveliest. There is, perhaps, no one who has given a more elaborate account of how an entity composed of the “most multifarious” drives potentially becomes something unique, incomparable, and rare than Alexander Nehamas. The book considers here his works and those of John Richardson and Robert Pippin, whose books are immediately relevant to the discussion in this chapter.

Keywords:   Nietzsche, agency, naturalism, Alexander Nehamas, John Richardson, Robert Pippin

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