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Cartilaginous Fishes and Humans

Cartilaginous Fishes and Humans

(p.405) Chapter 15 Cartilaginous Fishes and Humans
The Biology of Sharks and Rays
A. Peter Klimley
University of Chicago Press

This chapter discusses the interactions between the cartilaginous fishes and humans. It describes the risk of being bitten by a shark or being impaled by the barb of a stingray and the growing interest of ecologically aware tourists in viewing sharks underwater. It recounts a few infamous shark attacks to illustrate the severe economic repercussions of such a highly publicized mishap; explains the motivations behind this behavior; it also places the modest risk of shark attack in the context of many other greater risks in daily life. The chapter also considers the economic value of shark and ray ecotourism, and provides information on what species can now be viewed underwater and where to go to see them.

Keywords:   shark attacks, stingrays, ecotourism, tourist attractions

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