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Daily Movements, Home Range, and Migration

Daily Movements, Home Range, and Migration

(p.373) Chapter 14 Daily Movements, Home Range, and Migration
The Biology of Sharks and Rays
A. Peter Klimley
University of Chicago Press

This chapter discusses the diverse types of movement patterns exhibited by sharks and rays. Some elasmobranchs are ambushers, and their movements are restricted to a confined area. Many skates, some stingrays, and angelsharks remain in wait on the bottom for long periods of time to ambush crabs and shrimps or fishes that walk or swim close to the bottom. Many cartilaginous fishes exhibit two types of travel modes, performing highly directional and rapid movements as they migrate between resting or foraging locations, and then exhibiting randomly directed slow movements when interacting socially or foraging at their feeding grounds. During their migrations, these species display two types of swimming behaviors, oscillatory diving and surface swimming.

Keywords:   sharks, rays, ambushers, cartilaginous, migration, oscillatory diving, surface swimming

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