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Diet and Growth

Diet and Growth

(p.339) Chapter 13 Diet and Growth
The Biology of Sharks and Rays
A. Peter Klimley
University of Chicago Press

This chapter discusses what cartilaginous fishes eat, their frequency of feeding, their rates of digestion and growth, and to what age they live. The composition of the diet of the cartilaginous fishes often changes as they grow larger and migrate from one geographical region to another. The diet can also differ among males and females because in many cartilaginous fishes, the sexes segregate from each other and occupy separate feeding grounds. The cartilaginous fishes are unique in their possession of spiral and scrolled intestines, which confers both advantages and disadvantages. Their compactness affords more space in the peritoneum to accommodate a larger liver and uterus. Yet the economy in mucosal surface results in a slower digestion rate and prolongs the interval between foraging bouts.

Keywords:   cartilaginous fishes, feeding, digestion, intestines

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