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An Introduction to the Cartilaginous Fishes

An Introduction to the Cartilaginous Fishes

(p.1) Chapter 1 An Introduction to the Cartilaginous Fishes
The Biology of Sharks and Rays
A. Peter Klimley
University of Chicago Press

There are currently 503 species of sharks, 699 species of rays, and 49 species of chimaeras in the class Chondrichthyes. The name Chondrichthyes comes from the Greek prefix khondros meaning “cartilage” and suffix ikhthus for “fish.” These species are referred to as the cartilaginous fishes. This chapter provides an overview of the subsequent chapters, which describe benchmark studies on the cartilaginous fishes. The results are presented in diagrams and graphs to introduce readers to authentic scientific data. “Spotlights” are included in each chapter to focus attention on the sophisticated methods used by pioneer scientists to make important scientific discoveries.

Keywords:   cartilaginous fishes, benchmark studies, sharks, rays, chimaeras, Chondrichthyes

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