Marine Macroecology

Marine Macroecology

Jon D. Witman and Kaustuv Roy

Print publication date: 2013

ISBN: 9780226904115

Publisher: University of Chicago Press


Pioneered in the late 1980s, the concept of macroecology—a framework for studying ecological communities with a focus on patterns and processes—revolutionized the field of ecology. Although this approach has been applied mainly to terrestrial ecosystems, there is increasing interest in quantifying macroecological patterns in the sea and understanding the processes that generate them. Taking stock of the current work in the field and advocating a research agenda for the decades ahead, this book draws together insights and approaches from a diverse group of scientists to show how marine ecology can benefit from the adoption of macroecological approaches. Divided into three parts, the book first provides an overview of marine diversity patterns and offers case studies of specific habitats and taxonomic groups. In the second part, chapters focus on process-based explanations for marine ecological patterns. The third part presents new approaches to understanding processes driving the macroecolgical patterns in the sea.

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Part I Macroecological Patterns in the Sea

Chapter Three Patterns in Deep-Sea Macroecology

Craig R. Mcclain, Michael A. Rex, and Ron J. Etter

Chapter Five Macroecological Patterns Among Marine Fishes

Enrique Macpherson, Philip A. Hastings, and D. Ross Robertson

Chapter Six Marine Algal Communities

Bernabé Santelices, John J. Bolton, and Isabel Meneses

Part Two Processes Underlying Macro Ecological Patterns

Chapter Nine Dispersal and Geographic Ranges in the Sea

Steven D. Gaines, Sarah E. Lester, Ginny Eckert, Brian P. Kinlan, Rafe Sagarin, and Brian Gaylord

Chapter Twelve Macroecological Changes in Exploited Marine Systems

Derek P. Tittensor, Boris Worm, and Ransom A. Myers

Part Three Experimental Approaches to Marine Macroecology

End Matter