Themes in the Economics of Aging

Themes in the Economics of Aging

David A. Wise

Print publication date: 2013

ISBN: 9780226902845

Publisher: University of Chicago Press


In the past few years, the economic ramifications of aging have garnered close attention from a group of NBER researchers led by David A. Wise. This volume continues to analyze a nexus of age-related issues. This volume begins by looking at the implications of private and public personal retirement plans, focusing in particular on the impact of 401(k) programs on retirement strategies in light of potential social security reform and factors such as annuitization and on asset accumulation. Next, the often-observed relationship between health and wealth is dissected from two different perspectives and correlated with striking increases in health-care spending over the past two decades, despite the improved health of older populations. The volume concludes with an investigation of the retirement effects of various social security provisions in both U.S. and German systems. This collection expands the current investigative focus and broadens the dialogue on a rapidly growing area of social and economic concern.

Table of Contents


David A. Wise

I Personal Retirement Plans

II Wealth and Health

5 Predictors of Mortality among the Elderly

Michael D. Hurd, Daniel McFadden, and Angela Merrill

III Health Care

6 Trends in Medicare Spending Near the End of Life

Jeffrey Geppert, Mark McClellan

7 The Concentration of Medical Spending: An Update

David M. Cutler and Ellen Meara

IV Social Security Provisions and Retirement

10 Social Security Incentives for Retirement

Courtney Coile and Jonathan Gruber

V Bequests and Dissaving

11 Anticipated and Actual Bequests

Michael D. Hurd and James P. Smith