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(p.1) Introduction
Health Care Issues in the United States and Japan
David A. Wise
University of Chicago Press

This book investigates the structural characteristics of the health care systems in Japan and United States, the economic incentives underlying the systems, and how they operate in practice. The rising cost of health care presents important financial challenges in both countries. It is divided into three major sections. The first includes studies of the health care systems in Japan and the United States and how those systems are evolving with the financial pressures of rising health care costs. The second major section addresses studies on the variations in medical practice patterns and quality of care in the two countries. The final section evaluates selected other health care topics in Japan and the United States. The ten chapters in this book provide valuable insight into the differences in the health care systems in the two countries.

Keywords:   health care systems, Japan, United States, economic incentives, health care costs, medical practice

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