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Racialization of Welfare and Social Security

Racialization of Welfare and Social Security

(p.83) 5 Racialization of Welfare and Social Security
Dangerous Frames
University of Chicago Press

This chapter analyzes actual discourse in recent American politics and of national opinion to explore the ways that this discourse has subtly associated issues with race or gender ideology. It shows that group implication occurs in American politics and demonstrates its political consequences. It also shows how the framing of welfare and Social Security has structured them to fit racial schemas, albeit in very different ways from each other. It argues that this racial framing has racialized public opinion on both policies. Just as welfare is associated with blackness, Social Security is associated with whiteness. Drawing on data from the American National Election Studies, this chapter documents the racialization of opinion among American whites from 1984 through 2000.

Keywords:   racialization, welfare, Social Security, gender, politics, race, public opinion, group implication, African Americans, whites

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