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Considering “Considering the Snail”

Considering “Considering the Snail”

(p.269) Considering “Considering the Snail”
At the Barriers
Paul Muldoon
University of Chicago Press

Paul Muldoon and Wendy Lesser write about two underrecognized poems of central interest to Gunn's body of work: Muldoon on “Considering the Snail,” from the second, experimental section of My Sad Captains (1961), which vividly indicates Gunn's growing feel for unpredictable rhythms, his own “deliberate progress”—sexual, social, formal—as poet and person; and Lesser on the elegy, “Duncan” that opens Gunn's last book, Boss Cupid (2000), and which enacts the tension of that very same progress. Gunn considered this poem his best.

Keywords:   Considering the Snail, My Sad Captains, unpredictable rhythms, deliberate progress, Duncan

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