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Birth of a Juvesnile Court

Birth of a Juvesnile Court

(p.77) Three Birth of a Juvesnile Court
The Black Child-Savers
Geoff K. Ward
University of Chicago Press

In the Progressive Era South, Reconstruction gave way to the rise of white supremacist redemption, subjecting black youths and communities to more explicitly neglectful, exploitative, and violent forms of Jim Crow juvenile justice. North and South, growing juvenile court communities embraced the racial project of white citizen and state building, prioritizing white youth opportunity and community interests in their pursuit of rehabilitative ideals. The institutionalization of separate and unequal juvenile justice throughout the United States, not a new multiracial democracy, was the Progressive Era legacy of juvenile justice reform in the African American experience. This chapter examines how Progressive Era black youths and communities experienced the emergence of the juvenile court, an encounter dramatized by mass black migration to urban centers where modern juvenile courts emerged.

Keywords:   juvenile court, American juvenile justice, American democracy, Jim Crow, black youth, black community, civil rights, Progressive Era South, African American

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