Exit ZeroFamily and Class in Postindustrial Chicago

Exit ZeroFamily and Class in Postindustrial Chicago

Christine J. Walley

Print publication date: 2014

ISBN: 9780226871790

Publisher: University of Chicago Press


Interweaving personal narratives and family photos with a nuanced assessment of the social impacts of deindustrialization, this book is one part memoir and one part ethnography—providing a much-needed female and familial perspective on cultures of labor and their decline. Through vivid accounts of the author's family's struggles and personal upward mobility, this book reveals the social landscapes of America's industrial fallout, navigating complex tensions among class, labor, economy, and environment. Unsatisfied with the notion that the author's family's turmoil was inevitable in the ever-forward progress of the United States, the book provides a fresh and important counternarrative that gives a new voice to the many Americans whose distress resulting from deindustrialization has too often been ignored.