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Conclusion: Accompanying Technology

Conclusion: Accompanying Technology

(p.153) 8 Conclusion: Accompanying Technology
Moralizing Technology
Peter-Paul Verbeek
University of Chicago Press

This concluding chapter reflects on the place of the mediation approach in the broader field of the ethics and philosophy of technology after having elaborated an understanding of the moral significance of technology and its implications for the ethics of design and use. While many ethical discussions of technology focus on the risks and dangers connected to technology and aim to develop criteria for setting limits to technology, this book has taken the interwoven character of human beings and technological artifacts as a starting point for developing an ethics of technology. Connecting to the postphenomenological approach of technological mediation, the book has explored various ways in which technologies and morality are closely intertwined and investigated their implications for the ethics of technology design and use. Technologies help to shape human actions and decisions by mediating our interpretations of the world and the practices we are involved in; therefore, they play a significant role in human morality.

Keywords:   mediation approach, philosophy of technology, ethics of design, limits to technology, interwoven character, technological artifacts, postphenomenological approach

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