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Morality beyond Mediation

Morality beyond Mediation

(p.139) 7 Morality beyond Mediation
Moralizing Technology
Peter-Paul Verbeek
University of Chicago Press

This chapter discusses two current technological developments that actually move toward either “transhuman” or “nonhuman” forms of intentionality in an effort to explore the limitations of the approach of technological mediation. First, more technologies are being developed with a built-in form of “technological intentionality.” Rather than mediating human actions and decisions, such technologies add their own “intentionality” to that of the humans using them. Second, recent technological developments show a convergence of nanotechnology, biotechnology, and information technology, which makes it possible to intervene in “human nature.” With many recent technologies, they do not mediate human actions and decisions but rather merge with the human subject, resulting in a hybrid entity that has sometimes been called a “cyborg.”

Keywords:   transhuman, nonhuman, technological mediation, technological intentionality, nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology, human nature, cyborg

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