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Moral Environments: An Application

Moral Environments: An Application

(p.120) 6 Moral Environments: An Application
Moralizing Technology
Peter-Paul Verbeek
University of Chicago Press

This chapter applies the approach to the moral significance of technology developed in this book to a field of technology that is rapidly gaining influence in society: Ambient Intelligence and Persuasive Technology. These technologies embody a fusion of insights from the behavioral sciences with advanced possibilities offered by information technology. The ever-increasing miniaturization of electronic devices and the ever-increasing possibilities for wireless communication between appliances have led to the development of so-called smart environments. Such environments register what is happening in a given space and are able to react to this in intelligent ways. Most of the time, the technology at work here is invisible and carefully attuned to human cognitive processes, hence the name Ambient Intelligence. Persuasive Technologies add to this intelligence the ability to influence the behavior of their users in particular directions.

Keywords:   fusion of insights, Ambient Intelligence, Persuasive Technology, behavioral sciences, information technology, electronic devices, wireless communication, smart environments

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