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A Nonhumanist Ethics of Technology

A Nonhumanist Ethics of Technology

(p.21) 2 A Nonhumanist Ethics of Technology
Moralizing Technology
Peter-Paul Verbeek
University of Chicago Press

This chapter can be interpreted as a reply to Sloterdijk's “response to the Letter on Humanism.” It first investigates the humanist character of contemporary ethics and its supporting modernist ontology. Second, the moral relevance of nonhuman reality is elaborated through a discussion of the mediating role of technology in moral practices and decisions. What follows is a critical engagement with Sloterdijk's “posthumanist” position. The chapter aims to dispel all associations with fascism from this chapter's approach, while using a critique of humanism as a basis for an amodern approach to ethics that does justice to nonhuman forms of morality and the ways humans have to deal with them.

Keywords:   humanist character, Sloterdijk, Letter on Humanism, contemporary ethics, modernist ontology, nonhuman reality, posthumanist position, fascism, amodern approach

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