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Sprachkritik: The Crisis of Perception

Sprachkritik: The Crisis of Perception

(p.76) Chapter Seven Sprachkritik: The Crisis of Perception
Aesthetics of Renewal
University of Chicago Press

Buber considered the experience of the unity of being to be ineffable. Yet he also appropriated the teachings of the Hasidic masters to address not only central problems attendant to the representation of ecstatic mysticism, but also issues pertaining to the Sprachkritik. In his early writings, Buber refracted the relation between language, speech, and mystical experience through the mystical teachings of the Hasidic masters. With Fritz Mauthner, Gustav Landauer, and Hugo von Hofmannsthal as his principal interlocutors, he situated himself firmly in the contemporary discourse on the critique of language. Buber's approach to language resonates with features of the new mode of linguistic analysis introduced by the Swiss linguist Ferdinand de Saussure at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Keywords:   Martin Buber, language, Fritz Mauthner, Gustav Landauer, Hugo von Hofmannsthal, linguistic analysis, Ferdinand de Saussure

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