Wannabe UInside the Corporate University

Wannabe UInside the Corporate University

Gaye Tuchman

Print publication date: 2013

ISBN: 9780226815299

Publisher: University of Chicago Press


Based on years of observation at a large state university, this book tracks the dispiriting consequences of trading in traditional educational values for loyalty to the market. Aping their boardroom idols, the new corporate administrators at such universities wander from job to job and reductively view the students there as future workers in need of training. Obsessed with measurable successes, they stress auditing and accountability, which leads to policies of surveillance and control dubiously cloaked in the guise of scientific administration. This exposé of the modern university paints a candid portrait of the corporatization of higher education and its impact on students and faculty. Like the best campus novelists, the book entertains with observations of backstage power dynamics and faculty politics, but ultimately aims to be a hard-hitting account of how higher education's misguided pursuit of success fails us all.