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Book Three

Book Three

(p.123) Book Three
Paternal Tyranny
University of Chicago Press

This chapter discusses the relationship between women's liberty and the Bible by presenting a feminist reading of the New Testament and using it to establish gender equality as a fundamental Christian doctrine. It reminds one that Jesus Christ himself, the model of all Christians, respected women's free will, and it dwells on the story of the Samaritan woman and on the women who consoled Christ during his passion and death, and to whom he appeared first after his resurrection. The chapter begins with a fulsome praise of the Virgin Mary, the sum of all virtues and role model for all women—virgins and mothers—and refutes the charge that Christ appeared after his resurrection first of all to women, gossipy by nature, to ensure that the news spread quickly.

Keywords:   woman's liberty, Bible, gender equality, New Testament, Christian doctrine

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