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Book Two

Book Two

(p.85) Book Two
Paternal Tyranny
University of Chicago Press

This chapter focuses on the social and political aspects of patriarchy that harm women. It cites men's betrayal of their daughters' trust, the evils of the contemporary marriage market and women's enforced ignorance, and the injustices of the double sexual standard in adultery laws. Comparing Jephte, who sacrificed his only daughter because of a rash vow, to Venetian fathers, the chapter finds the Venetian counterparts far more culpable. It also criticizes the political expediency of religious superiors who end up giving their permission for women to become nuns and thereby collude in the deception. The chapter also criticizes the Venetian laws that deny women the chance to hold any kind of public office.

Keywords:   Patriarchy, marriage market, adultery laws, nuns, Venetian laws

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