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Book One

Book One

(p.43) Book One
Paternal Tyranny
University of Chicago Press

This chapter presents a critique of the practice of enclosing of innocent women within convent walls under apparently holy pretexts by the Roman Catholic Church. It presents proof from the Old Testament, assisted by Dante, that from the beginning of the human race, God never wished women to be enclosed in monasteries against their will, and certainly did not entrust men with the task of determining the fate of their daughters. The chapter highlights Adam's failure to take responsibility for his deed when God called him to account and, like a coward, excused himself by accusing his wife Eve. It goes on to claim that Eve's “sin” was much lighter by comparison to Adam's; as an innocent, trusting wife, she allowed her ungrateful husband to strip her of all authority.

Keywords:   Convents, Roman Catholic Church, Old Testament

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