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Coalition and Collaboration among Advocacy Organizations

Coalition and Collaboration among Advocacy Organizations

(p.174) Six Coalition and Collaboration among Advocacy Organizations
Affirmative Advocacy
University of Chicago Press

This chapter examines the coalitions among advocacy organizations, asking whether such alliances are an alternative vehicle for activity on issues affecting disadvantaged subgroups. Alliances with other organizations represent one of the most promising avenues for meaningful attention to and energetic advocacy on intersectional issues. Coalitions bring into sharper resolution interorganizationally the intraorganizational challenges of intersectionality. They capture and advance the moral as well as the numerical strengths of social justice work for organizations that advocate on behalf of marginalized populations. Advocacy organizations rely heavily on their credibility with and access to policy makers in order to effectively press their agendas. The evidence presented in the chapter reinforces the contention that coalition politics are about intersectional politics. Many organizations do exploit the opportunities presented by coalitions to more effectively advocate on behalf of intersectionally disadvantaged groups.

Keywords:   coalitions, advocacy organizations, alliances, intersectionality, social justice, coalition politics, intersectional politics

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