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(p.25) 3 Embodiments
The Power of the Between
University of Chicago Press

This chapter argues that no matter the logical consistency of our propositions and semipropositions, no matter how deeply we think we have mastered a subject, the world, for embodied scholars, for Sufi masters, or for practitioners like Sorko Djibo, remains a wondrous place that stirs the imagination and sparks creativity. Those who struggle with humility, no matter their scholarly station, admit willingly that they have much to learn from forgetful old men and women who, at first glance, seem ignorant of the world. In the end these kinds of people not only have precious knowledge to convey but can teach us much about those unsettling places situated between things, places that challenge the foundation of our being-in-the-world.

Keywords:   embodied scholars, world, humility, knowledge

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