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Three Versions of “Beloved Istanbul”

Three Versions of “Beloved Istanbul”

(p.147) 5 Three Versions of “Beloved Istanbul”
The Republic of Love
University of Chicago Press

A new figure of intimacy made an appearance in Turkish popular culture in the mid-1990s: a melancholic wanderer contemplating the cityscape. This chapter focuses on particularly significant poem, iconically connected with late Ottoman/early republican melancholy and wandering, that was set to music in the 1950s. It describes the reemergence of this musical setting in the 1990s, and two subsequent versions of the song by different people. The poem is Yahya Kemal Beyatlı's famous love lyric to the city, “Aziz İstanbul” (“Beloved Istanbul”).

Keywords:   intimacy, popular culture, Turkish culture, wandering, melancholy, Yahya Kemal Beyatlı, Aziz İstanbul, Istanbul

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