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How Much Common Ground?

How Much Common Ground?

(p.89) 5 How Much Common Ground?
Lawyers of the Right
University of Chicago Press

This chapter examines common experiences and goals that unite at least some lawyers interviewed for this research. It reveals no unifying philosophy, but it does identify several factors that might provide bases for understanding and perhaps cooperation: generational effects, shared disapproval of liberals, overlapping policy agendas, a common interest in remaking the judiciary, the Republican Party, shared professional status, and perceived disadvantage in the legal establishment. The first five of these have little connection to lawyers' occupational roles; they might also apply to the larger pools of elites within each of the constituencies of the conservative alliance. The last two elements, however, relate directly to lawyers' professional identities and the prestige and opportunities available to them within the conservative movement and legal profession.

Keywords:   conservatives, lawyers, cooperation, liberals, Republican Party, conservative movement, legal profession

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