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(p.1) 1 Introduction
Lawyers of the Right
University of Chicago Press

This introductory chapter sets out the book's purpose, which is to provide a window into the world of lawyers for conservative causes and probes the little discussed cultural conflict among them. It shows how lawyers for the various constituencies of the conservative alliance established highly specialized legal advocacy organizations to challenge the Left's vision of lawyers' proper roles and to reshape public policy. It analyzes their characteristics, values, professional identities, and strategies and the extent to which they, and the organizations they serve, operate as a coordinated whole. The lawyers examined here serve several strands of the conservative alliance that has coalesced behind the Republican Party during the past few decades. Most prominent among those elements are social conservatives, libertarians, and business interests. The book shows that there are striking differences among the lawyers who serve the primary constituencies of the conservative coalition. An overview of the subsequent chapters is also presented.

Keywords:   lawyers, conservative causes, cultural conflict, legal advocacy, Republican Party, social conservatives, libertarians, business interests

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