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The Curtain Between the Theatre and the Globe

The Curtain Between the Theatre and the Globe

(p.208) Chapter Six The Curtain Between the Theatre and the Globe
The Key of Green
Bruce R. Smith
University of Chicago Press

In April 1597, the Lord Chamberlain's Men lost their lease on the Theater in London. The Theater was the first permanent, purpose-built playhouse in Britain since Roman times. In December 1598, the timbers of the Theater (the 1576 lease covered the land, not the building) were dismantled, the posts and beams were transported across the Thames to the South Bank, and the Theater was reestablished as the Globe. For the twenty months between their eviction from the Theater and their reestablishment at the Globe, the Lord Chamberlain's Men performed in an amphitheater that had been built in 1577 a few yards closer to Bishopsgate in the city walls. That interim space was named the Curtain. This chapter examines the green room behind the Curtain in the Theater. All ten surviving scripts that William Shakespeare's company produced at the Curtain during their sojourn there (1597–1599) pull woven hangings into the stage action.

Keywords:   Lord Chamberlain's Men, theater, woven hangings, London, Globe, green room, William Shakespeare

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