Nadia Boulanger and Her World

Nadia Boulanger and Her World

Jeanice Brooks

Print publication date: 2021

ISBN: 9780226750682

Publisher: University of Chicago Press


Nadia Boulanger (1887-1979) was among the most iconic figures in twentieth-century music. Composer, performer, conductor, impresario, and pedagogue, she disseminated her ideas in a variety of media from composition lessons and lectures to radio broadcasts, recordings and concert performances. Boulanger’s world was made up of many different and overlapping “worlds” that embraced both physical places and conceptual domains, ranging from national and global geopolitics to philosophy, aesthetics, and areas of musical activity such as composition, performance, analysis, and pedagogy. In Nadia Boulanger and Her World, contributors map Boulanger’s movement in one or more of these terrains, charting the geographies of transatlantic and international exchange and disruption within which her career unfolded. In addition to contributors’ chapters, editions and translations of primary documents, including poems, letters, and diary entries, provide further texture to our account. The volume takes its title as a topic for exploration, asking what worlds Boulanger belonged to, and in what sense we can consider any of them to be hers.

Table of Contents

The Strange Fate of Boulanger and Pugno’s La ville morte

Alexandra Laederich, translated by Charlotte Mandell

From the Trenches: Extracts from the Final Issue of the Paris Conservatory Gazette

Edited by Nadia and Lili Boulanger, selected, Introduced, and Annotated by Annegret Fauser, translated by Anna Lehmann

From Technique to Musique: The Institutional Pedagogy of Nadia Boulanger

Marie Duchêne-Thégarid, translated by Miranda Stewart

Nadia Boulanger’s 1935 Carte du Tendre

Introduced by Marie Duchêne-Thégarid, introduction Translated by Anna Lehmann

36 rue Ballu: A Multifaceted Place

Cédric Segond-Genovesi, translated by Anna Lehmann

“What an Arrival!” Nadia Boulanger’s New World (1925)

Nadia Boulanger, translated and Annotated by Jeanice Brooks, afterword by Gayle Murchison

For Nadia Boulanger: Five Poems by May Sarton

Introduced by Jeanice Brooks

“What Awaits Them Now?” A Letter to Paris

Zygmunt Mycielski, translated and Annotated by J. Mackenzie Pierce

A Letter from Professor Nadia Boulanger

Translated by J. Mackenzie Pierce

The Beethoven Lectures for the Longy School

Introduced by Cédric Segond-Genovesi, translated by Miranda Stewart