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The Politics of Renaturalization

The Politics of Renaturalization

(p.1) Introduction The Politics of Renaturalization
Spinoza and the Politics of Renaturalization
Hasana Sharp
University of Chicago Press

This book focuses on Spinoza and his many known identities. Although there are many Spinozas, all of them converge at least on one point—his “naturalism.” The two pillars of Spinozism cannot be denied, namely, the identity of God and Nature and the tenet that “man” is but a tiny “part of Nature.” Existence for Spinoza is horizontal; the infinite creative force of nature is not separable from the infinitely many beings that exist. Spinoza’s naturalism denies human exceptionalism in any form. Like any other thing in nature, humans are corporeal and ideal, inevitably immersed in a system of cause and effect, and each comprising a power that is infinitely surpassed by the totality of other beings.

Keywords:   naturalism, Spinoza, Spinozism, God, existence, creative force

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