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Is IT Getting Harder to Get Ahead?

Is IT Getting Harder to Get Ahead?

Economic Attainment in Early Adulthood for Two Cohorts

(p.356) Chapter 11 Is IT Getting Harder to Get Ahead?
On the Frontier of Adulthood
Mary CorcoranJordan Matsudaira
University of Chicago Press

Moving out of the childhood bedroom, setting up one's own household, and paying for it with one's earnings have always been major markers of a successful transition to adulthood for men and are increasingly becoming ones for women. Achieving residential and financial independence is usually contingent on finding employment. This chapter asks whether adult transitions into the labor market have changed for young adults by comparing the economic trajectories of young adults born in the 1950s to those of young adults born in the 1960s. It also examines whether such changes have differed by race and sex and whether sex-based economic inequality, race-based economic inequality, and intergenerational income inequality have increased, decreased, or remained constant over time.

Keywords:   labor market, employment, adult transitions, adulthood, young adults, race, sex, economic inequality

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