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Slavery and the Origin of Statistical Cartography

Slavery and the Origin of Statistical Cartography

(p.119) Chapter 4 Slavery and the Origin of Statistical Cartography
Mapping the Nation
Susan Schulten
University of Chicago Press

In 1861, the US Coast Survey created a map of slavery at the height of the Civil War. The map used the 1860 census to illustrate the population density of slavery and initiated a trend of statistical cartography that spread widely after the war. Reproduced and copied widely during the war, the map offers a glimpse into the intellectual and political world of 1861. This chapter examines the use of maps to depict the density of slavery during the Civil War and the subsequent rise of statistical mapping. It discusses the politics and promise of statistics in the early Republic, Abraham Lincoln's use of slave maps, and efforts to map the strength of the rebellion.

Keywords:   slavery, Coast Survey, Civil War, population density, statistical cartography, politics, statistics, Abraham Lincoln, slave maps, rebellion

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