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Book for the Hour of Recreation

Book for the Hour of Recreation

(p.33) Book for the Hour of Recreation
Book for the Hour of Recreation
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This chapter explains María de San José Salazar's Book for the Hour of Recreation in detail, in which María discusses her intention of telling the life of the holy Mother and the greatness of Carmel with a mixture of a variety of matters. Many things that she includes here seem irrelevant and serve only to make the work long winded, such as the quarrels between the nuns and other extraneous conversations. In this regard, María declares that her chief intent is to portray the nuns' friendly conversation and way of life: their humility, simplicity, and mortification; their continual prayer practices; their contempt for fine dress and their selflessness; along with their happy and holy diversions.

Keywords:   María Salazar, Hour of Recreation, holy Mother, Carmel, nuns, mortification, prayer practices

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