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Numerical Methods for Bonebed Analysis

Numerical Methods for Bonebed Analysis

(p.333) Chapter 6 Numerical Methods for Bonebed Analysis
Richard W. BlobCatherine Badgley
University of Chicago Press

This chapter discusses several kinds of quantitative analysis of bonebed assemblages in relation to particular research questions, first reviewing protocols for counting specimens recovered from bonebeds, a crucial initial step that lays the foundation for further analyses. Second, it considers the evaluation of taphonomic equivalence among bonebeds, a consideration that is crucial for comparisons of faunal counts among fossil localities, and third, discusses comparisons of species richness among localities, particularly with respect to sampling intensity. Fourth, the chapter assesses approaches for estimating taxonomic abundance in ancient ecosystems based on species abundances in fossil assemblages. Finally, it looks at several techniques for the quantitative analysis of changes in lineages and faunas among fossil bonebeds, illustrating all of the quantitative methods presented with case studies.

Keywords:   bonebeds, taphonomic equivalence, faunal counts, species richness, taxonomic abundance, ancient ecosystems, fossil assemblages, quantitative analysis, faunas, quantitative methods

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