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An Arctic Divided

An Arctic Divided

Isaac Hayes and Charles Hall

(p.55) Chapter Three An Arctic Divided
The Coldest Crucible
University of Chicago Press

This chapter focuses on the Arctic expeditions led by Isaac Hayes and Charles Hall, both of which were plagued by mishaps and misfortunes, capped off by the death of Hall and the disintegration of his expedition in 1871. Hayes succeeded in gaining support by demonstrating his fluency in and fidelity to the issues that were important to men of science. Hall found success with popular audiences for much the same reason, connecting his expedition to the issues that were of proven interest to them. By connecting his Franklin mission to white middle-class interest in savagery and captivity stories, he overcame the handicap of the lack of experience. As he competed with Hayes to lead an expedition to the North Pole, Hall was able to frame his Arctic experience as a form of scientific “self-culture.” However, Hayes and Hall were unable to unite different groups in support of their expeditions.

Keywords:   Arctic expeditions, Isaac Hayes, Charles Hall, Dr. John Rae

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