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What do the Experts Think?

What do the Experts Think?

(p.121) Chapter Seven What do the Experts Think?
Campaign Finance and American Democracy
David M. PrimoJeffrey D. Milyo
University of Chicago Press

In fall 2017, Primo and Milyo mounted the first survey of campaign finance scholars that asks for their normative as well as objective views on the US campaign finance system. The authors study whether public perceptions of campaign finance are in-step or out-of-step with what scholars believe, and whether experts’ beliefs about money in politics are correlated with their own ideological and partisan leanings. In their survey, Primo and Milyo find that campaign finance experts, compared with the American public, are far more liberal and Democratic, are more polarized by party and ideology on campaign finance issues, are less jaded about American politics, have a narrower conception of corruption and its prevalence in American politics, better use existing scientific understandings to analyze the role of money in politics, and believe deeply in campaign finance reform. Primo and Milyo discuss the implications of these findings for the scientific study of campaign finance.

Keywords:   expert survey, political polarization, corruption, campaign finance reform

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