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The Uninformed Public

The Uninformed Public

(p.37) Chapter Three The Uninformed Public
Campaign Finance and American Democracy
David M. PrimoJeffrey D. Milyo
University of Chicago Press

In this chapter, Primo and Milyo show that Americans are for the most part poorly informed about campaign finance. They don’t understand campaign finance laws, think they have more political privacy than they do, and vastly overstate the role of super PACs. While there are some differences based on ideology, party identification, demographics, and socioeconomic status, even the most politically active members of Primo and Milyo’s sample don’t do better than a dart-throwing monkey. This does not stop Americans from having opinions on the role of money in the American political system—and these opinions are relevant, especially given the Supreme Court’s emphasis on perceptions of government as a justification for campaign finance restrictions.

Keywords:   political knowledge, political privacy, super PACs, campaign finance laws

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