International Trade in Services and Intangibles in the Era of Globalization

International Trade in Services and Intangibles in the Era of Globalization

Marshall Reinsdorf and Matthew J. Slaughter

Print publication date: 2013

ISBN: 9780226709598

Publisher: University of Chicago Press


Quantitative measures of international exchange have historically focused on trade in tangible products or capital. However, services have recently become a larger portion of developed economies and international trade, and will only increase in the future. This book examines new and emerging patterns of trade, especially the growing importance of transactions involving services or intangible assets such as intellectual property. Chapters here analyzes the challenges involved in measuring trade in intangibles, the comparative advantages enjoyed by United States service industries, and the heightened international competition for jobs, capital investment, economic growth, and tax revenue that results from trade in services.

Table of Contents


Marshall Reinsdorf and Matthew Slaughter

I Challenges in Measuring Trade in Services

II R&D and Intellectual Property

5 R&D Exports and Imports

Francisco Moris

6 International Trade in Motion Picture Services

Gordon H. Hanson and Chong Xiang

III Offshoring of Services

7 Does Service Offshoring Lead to Job Losses?

Mary Amiti and Shang-Jin Wei

8 Outsourcing and Imported Services in BEA's Industry Accounts

Robert E. Yuskavage, Erich H. Strassner, and Gabriel W. Medeiros

9 We Can Work It Out

Desirée van Welsum and Xavier Reif

IV Topics in the Measurement of Price and Productivity