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Toward a More Complex View of Crusade

Toward a More Complex View of Crusade

(p.253) Conclusion Toward a More Complex View of Crusade
The Subject of Crusade
Marisa Galvez
University of Chicago Press

The courtly crusade idiom, embodied in various forms of speaking, manifests complex responses to holy war and to becoming a holy warrior. The book proposes a method that can be applied to a variety of cultures and traditions. Through its figural resilience ("textural residues in diverse media"), the idiom maintains conflicting value systems and resists orthodox ideologies that flatten multiple perspectives of human action and history. The book hopes to assemble a critical community of readers that poses questions, refuses given narratives, and shifts the focus from historical events under the rubric “crusade” to the speaking particular that asks: What is the event? What is the subject? The book asks not whether the courtly crusade idiom resulted in crusade. Rather: What did these materials and events, such as the fall of the Latin East and the Feast of the Pheasant, embody? What was art working through? To see a “crusader-poet” in various cultural and material milieux, the unrepentant crusader as responding to something or someone in a way that we can only partially recover through poetic language—is to offer an account of crusade that refuses to be easily appropriated by successive ideological movements.

Keywords:   conversion, holy war, idiom, Grail, volenté, politics, ideology

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